Virtual Meeting Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to have a computer or a smartphone to join these meetings?
    No. You can join from a landline by following the instructions in 2 below. You can do this with a smartphone too if you want.
  2. How do I join a meeting from a landline?
    Joining a meeting from a landline is easy if provided. Here’s how:
    1. Dial the phone number for the meeting
    2. When you are prompted, enter the Meeting ID then press #
    3. Once in the meeting, mute yourself — mute/unmute is *6 on the phone
    4. Typically “raise hand/lower hand” is *9 on the phone
  3. How do I join a meeting from my smartphone?
    There are two ways — audio only, or audio & video
    1. If you just want to join the audio, do the same as you did for 2) above
    2. If you want to join Audio & Video, click on the “Link to Join Online” button
    3. If you join the Audio by phone, and then decide to also connect by Video on phone/computer, don’t connect the audio again from the “Join Online” link. That will cause feedback.
    4. For Video, Zoom may ask you to confirm the name that’ll show to others — you can change that, see 7 below
  4. Should I turn on video if I join by my smart phone or computer?
    Only if you want to. It’s totally up to you. Some people do, and it’s nice to see who you’re talking to. It makes the meeting more meaningful.
  5. Should I keep my line muted if I’m not talking?
    Yes. Staying unmuted often creates background noise, and can even affect the video not just audio. It is often distracting, so default to mute. To mute/unmute
    1. On the computer in the upper right bubble in your image and you can click “mute/unmute”. If you’re muted, a little crossed-out mic will be in the lower left.
    2. On your smartphone, you can use the mute button on your phone, or in the app.
    3. On a landline, either press *6 or use your own phone’s mute button.
  6. Can I add my own virtual meeting to this list?
    Trusted servants of DC LGBTQ and associated meetings are welcome to add & update meetings here. You must provide a password for the meeting as well as the ID. We typically add/update these meetings to this website once a week. There are also many resources for other DC meetings available at
  7. What name will display when I join a meeting?
    1. If it’s the first time you’re joining Zoom, it asks you to confirm the name you want to display. Everyone will see this name.
    2. If you’ve already used Zoom on your phone or computer before, you’re going to join the meeting with whatever name you used last in Zoom.
    3. If you don’t want your last name displayed, you need to edit that in Zoom. Click the button in the upper right of your photo and select “change name”.
  8. How should I run a meeting?
    See Triangle Club members for more guidance on how meetings or run. Or go to which includes security guidance which is helpful for anonyminity and protecting from zoomboomers